Terms of Reference for Ofcom’s Mobile Strategy Review

Terms of Reference for Ofcom’s Mobile Strategy Review

As outlined in its Plan of Work 2021/22, Ofcom has published the terms of reference for its upcoming mobile strategy review. The aim of the review is to consider the following key areas:

  • What will good outcomes for people and businesses look like in 5-10 years’ time?
  • What impact are changes across the mobile value chain having on the market?
  • To what extent is the market likely to deliver good outcomes for people and businesses?

Next steps:
Phase 1: Evidence gathering, stakeholder engagement and discussion. A discussion paper will be published by the end of this calendar year
Phase 2: Further analysis, initial views and any next steps – building on stakeholder responses, Ofcom intends to publish a document setting out initial conclusions and any next steps in spring 2022.

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