Ofcom Spectrum Auction: Final Results

Ofcom Spectrum Auction: Final Results

Ofcom announced the final results of the 700 MHz and 3.6-3.8GHz bands spectrum auction. During the assignment stage, many of the companies involved submitted bids which resulted in an additional £23 million being raised for HM Treasury.

Following completion of the assignment stage, Ofcom granted licences to the four bidders for the following frequencies across the two bands:

  • EE Limited – 723-733 MHz and 778-788 MHz;738-758 MHz; and 3680-3720 MHz.
  • Hutchison 3G UK Limited – 713-723 MHz and 768-778 MHz.
  • Telefónica UK Limited – 703-713 MHz and 758-768 MHzand 3760-3800 MHz.
  • Vodafone Limited – 3720-3760 MHz.

With licences for these airwaves now granted, the four mobile companies can directly notify Ofcom of any trades they agree to.

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