Wholesale Voice Markets Review 2021–26

Wholesale Voice Markets Review 2021–26

Ofcom has published how it will regulate the markets that underpin landline and mobile telephone calls in the UK, for the period 2021-26.

On call termination, Ofcom is capping termination rates for calls made and received in the UK, based on the cost of connecting a call.

  • For calls to mobiles, the cap will be 0.379p per minute next year (lower than the current cap of 0.468p per minute).
  • The same cap will continue to apply to calls to ‘070’ numbers.
  • For calls to landlines, the current cap of 0.0292p per minute will continue to apply in real terms.
  • Incoming calls to the UK from abroad should be no more than the rate they are charged when their customers make calls to that international destination.

On call origination and interconnection, currently, some providers still use BT’s wholesale ‘call origination’ service to enable their customers to make calls on their landline. Voice calls will increasingly be carried over IP therefore Ofcom has revoked regulation in the wholesale call origination.

On Donor Conveyance Charges, Ofcom has decided not to renew the specific control on DCC charges. Providers will still be required to set charges which are cost-based under the General Condition.

The full statement can be accessed here.