Launch of Government’s National Data Strategy

Launch of Government’s National Data Strategy

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden announced Government’s National Data Strategy to drive growth, boost innovation, create new jobs and improve public services. Government will develop a clear policy framework to determine what interventions are needed to unlock the value of data across the economy and help drive the recovery from Covid-19. It proposes an overhaul in the use of data across the public sector and a programme of work will be launched that will transform the way data is managed, used, shared internally within government, and with wider public sectors organisations.

Government has committed to do the following:

  • Train 500 data analysts in data science across public sector by 2021.
  • Appoint a new Government Chief Data Officer to lead a whole-government approach to transforming its use of data to drive efficiency and improve public services.
  • Introduce primary legislation to boost participation in Smart Data initiatives, to give people the power to use their own data to find better tariffs in areas such as telecoms, energy and pensions.
  • Explore ways to teach undergraduate students data skills that complement the existing maths and computing curriculums, as well as developing T-Levels which include qualifications on digital skills.
  • Launch a new £2.6m project to address current barriers to data sharing and support innovation to detect online harms such as cyberbullying and harassment.
  • Offer up to 10 fellowships annually to attract world-class tech talent to the heart of Government. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work closely with the No. 10 Data Science team, Government Digital Service networks and a peer-group of exceptional talent.

Ofcom is currently consulting on Open Communications which considers how data mobility could act as a platform for further innovation in the market for fixed line, broadband, pay TV and mobile services. Ofcom also looks at how it can enable new services that help people and businesses to overcome barriers that stop many from engaging with the market and assist people to search for the best deal for their needs.



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