The UK – a global broadband leader according to the Net Vitality Index

The UK – a global broadband leader according to the Net Vitality Index

The UK is one of the five Global Broadband Internet Ecosystem Leaders, according to the Net Vitality Index. The report was produced by the Media Institute, a US not-for-profit research organisation focused on communications policy. It is based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global broadband internet system and identifies the US, South Korea, Japan, and the UK as the top-tier global broadband leaders.

The Index produced by the Media Institute, was initially published in April 2015. Additional data (collected from existing studies carried out between 2010 and 2014) and context information was released this month. 54 indices have been used to evaluate countries on an “apples to apples??? basis. The categories assessed include applications and content, devices, network (e.g. investment in telecommunications, fixed broadband connection speed, prices for fixed and mobile broadband services, available WiFi locations, 4G LTE penetration) and macroeconomics factors such as global innovation, global competitiveness, and leading global cities. Based on the analysis, the author interestingly concludes that innovation coupled with sustained investment, allows competition to thrive.

Here are some of the highlights concerning the UK:

–          Average fixed broadband connection speed (Akamai Technologies – 2014) – the UK ranks 14 out of 54 countries; the top 5 countries being South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is worth noting however that the Akamai “State of the Internet??? report published in June 2015, identified the UK as having the fastest average mobile connection speed (62 countries/regions were considered)

–          Percentage of the population with a fixed broadband connection speed above 10Mbit/s (Akamai technologies – 2014) – the UK ranks 13 out of 54 countries with a percentage of 32% (South Korea 77%, Japan, 54%, the Netherlands 44%).The latest Ofcom Infrastructure report (2014) indicates however a higher take-up rate (43%). This figure is moving as the rollout of superfast broadband across the country progresses. 

–          Lowest broadband prices worldwide (International telecommunication Union – 2012) – the UK ranks 6 out of 161 countries. The lowest prices were to fin in Macau (China), Israel, Switzerland, the US and Luxembourg.

–          Available WiFi locations (Statista – 2013) – the UK ranks 3 out of 10 with more WIFi locations than the US, China and France but less than South Korea