Ofcom Publish Annual Plan for 2015/16

Ofcom Publish Annual Plan for 2015/16

Ofcom have today published their annual plan for 2015/16 which sets out their 11 priorities, the most high profile of which is their recently announced Strategic Review of Digital Communications.

Setting out their work programme, Ofcom mapped their 11 priorities against their 6 strategic objectives;

Ofcom Work Prog Priorites for 15-16

The BSG’s work programme for the coming year will include a focus on small businesses and we will of course be gathering industry input into the Strategic Review.

Ofcom’s more detailed programme highlighted a number of high profile decisions which it will have to decide on over the next year – ranging from the possible imposition of Quality of Service minimum standards following the business connectivity market review to the imposition of annual spectrum license fees to 900 and 1800 MHz spectrum bands.

However, what may be more interesting is the work that they are proposing on Quality of Experience – building on the report they commissioned from Actual Experience for the Infrastructure Report. If successful this work should allow for a better understanding of performance right across the internet distribution chain rather than purely focusing on the access network (which should become less important as we move to super and ultrafast) as we do now.