Secretary of State backs BSG's 2013 Annual Plan

Secretary of State backs BSG's 2013 Annual Plan

Capitalising on UK broadband: exploiting the potential benefits

30 January 2013

Today the UK’s leading independent advisory body on broadband, the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) publishes its 2013 work programme.

The programme puts the issue of usage of broadband at its heart and focuses on the key question of how broadband infrastructure can be best exploited for socioeconomic benefit to the UK.

Commenting on the publication of the programme, BSG CEO Pamela Learmonth stated, “In 2007, the BSG published a report on prospects for next generation broadband in the UK entitled ‘Pipe Dreams’.  In 2013 superfast broadband is no longer a pipe dream in the UK but a reality.  65% of UK premises can now access speeds of 30Mbps+ and this will increase over the next couple of years through private and public sector investment.  What we need to focus on now is how to ensure consumers and businesses use this connectivity and the services it supports to the best advantage.???

In 2013 the BSG will lead this policy discussion on better understanding the links between the provision of broadband infrastructure, the uses this infrastructure supports and the benefits that ensue.  Its focus on usage in 2013 follows the work BSG has led on demand-side issues through its 2012 report, Demand for Superfast Broadband.

Welcoming the BSG’s programme, Secretary of State Rt Hon Maria Miller MP, commented: “Better connectivity is critical for driving UK growth and attracting investment. We want to ensure that businesses and individuals can fully exploit the benefits of having better broadband, which is why we support the BSG’s 2013 plan and why Broadband Delivery UK continues to work closely with partners like Go ON UK to ensure broadband projects incorporate effective campaigns to boost demand.???

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BSG Annual Plan 2013

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