BSG responds to additional BBC Trust Canvas consultation

BSG responds to additional BBC Trust Canvas consultation

BSG has submitted a response to the BBC Trust’s second consultation on Project Canvas, following the publication of further information regarding the project over the summer.

The response highlights that Canvas would have a significant impact on the UK communications market as a whole; BSG can envisage a range of both positive and negative scenarios for this impact. Therefore, the BBC Trust should be aware of the broader commercial environment in which Canvas is being proposed and the issues that will inform companies’ commercial strategies and reactions to Canvas.

BSG also highlighted the importance of ensuring Canvas supports competition throughout the market as a whole, and the need to ensure meaningful engagement with all stakeholders as Canvas is taken forward.

In addition the response also comments on:

  • The likely efficacy of the proposed mechanisms to mitigate network impact
  • The potential implications of the proposed User Interface
  • Implications that Canvas would have for content regulation
  • Managing the consumer relationship with Canvas
  • The development of Canvas alongside other developments in the IPTV market
  • The most effective mechanism by which to develop the technical specification
  • The proposed governance structures for Canvas
  • The importance of PSB content being made available to alternative platforms on fair and equitable terms.

BSG response to the BBC Trust consultation on Project Canvas