BSG submits response to BBC Trust Canvas consultation

BSG submits response to BBC Trust Canvas consultation

The BSG’s response to the BBC Trust consultation on the BBC’s Project Canvas proposals sets out the potential and significant impact this proposal could have across the broadband value chain.

Depending on how the proposal is taken forward in practice, it could have various implications, such as heightened pressure on broadband networks from increased levels of video traffic, to how Canvas could drive demand for higher quality broadband services and how such a UK centric development could affect global manufacturers of set-top boxes.

Central to the BSG response is the view that the BBC Trust needs to view the Canvas proposal in the wider context of an industry making the gradual and difficult transition to next generation broadband.

Furthermore, it is essential that this consultation is the beginning of the debate rather than a one-off and final assessment of the proposal.

Detailed, open and ongoing discussion across the value chain is vital to effectively assess a proposal that has such far-ranging relevance for the UK broadband value chain.

BSG response to BBC Trust consultation on Project Canvas