Broadening Horizons: Why Broadband Matters

Broadening Horizons: Why Broadband Matters

The Centre for Reform has just published a new report: Broadening Horizons: Why Broadband Matters by David Stevenson, freelance journalist and TV producer. With a foreword by Keith Todd, Chairman of the Broadband Stakeholder Group the project has been sponsored by ntl.

In this challenging and thought provoking report David Stevenson examines what needs to be done to ensure that Britain is in the vanguard of networked societies. He argues that whilst the UK is making progress in rolling out first generation broadband services, we are actually falling behind other countries that are now starting to deploy next generation broadband services, including fibre to the home. As the goal posts continually shift, he argues that new policies will be adopted and fresh targets set by government.

The report is available now from CFR priced £10 / 15 Euros and can be ordered by calling 020 7631 3566.

Broadening horizons: why broadband matters by David Stevenson Foreword by Keith Todd, Chairman, Broadband Stakeholder Group

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