DCF Report: Advanced Connectivity Take-Up and Use Cases

DCF Report: Advanced Connectivity Take-Up and Use Cases

In a new report released today by the Digital Connectivity Forum (DCF), titled ‘Advanced Connectivity Take-Up and Use Cases’, crucial insights into the adoption of advanced connectivity in the UK have been unveiled. As the leading advisory body to the UK Government on connectivity, DCF has partnered with Analysys Mason, a prominent TMT consultancy, to delve into the drivers, barriers, and potential applications of advanced broadband technologies. 

The report underscores the importance of fostering widespread adoption of FTTP broadband and leveraging the potential of 5G Standalone (5GSA) technology across various sectors of the economy. 

Through comprehensive analysis and collaboration with 21 surveyed fibre operators, key motivations and obstacles to adoption of FTTP have been identified. Key findings reveal that consumers prioritise speed, price, and reliability when considering advanced connectivity options, reflecting the increasing indispensability of connectivity in modern society. However, a significant barrier lies in the lack of awareness regarding the benefits of FTTP and a perceived absence of necessity among consumers. 

Addressing these challenges head-on, the report recommends the implementation of an information campaign centred around a new cross-industry independent website. This platform will serve as a point of clarity, offering accessible explanations of various broadband technologies and their capabilities in layman’s terms, thereby empowering end-users to make informed decisions. 

Moreover, the report showcases compelling use cases for 5GSA and FTTP connectivity in critical sectors such as agriculture, transport, healthcare, and manufacturing. From virtual coupling of trains to connected ambulances and advanced agricultural techniques like crop phenotyping, the potential for transformative impact is evident. 

To realise these promising use cases, the report advocates for increased trialling of advanced connectivity solutions, alongside proactive government promotion and feasibility assessments aimed at addressing regulatory, operational, and safety challenges. By implementing these recommendations, the UK can unlock the full potential of advanced connectivity, ushering in a new era of prosperity and innovation for the economy and society alike. 

Alex Mather, Head of the Digital Connectivity Forum said:

“As the rollout of gigabit-capable fixed connectivity accelerates, and 5G standalone rollout gets underway, the importance of ensuring that all parts of the UK society and economy understand and benefit from these transformational forms of connectivity has never been greater. 

”The report shows better understanding and awareness of advanced broadband technologies is essential in enabling the nation to reap the full benefits of these forms of connectivity. 

“We look forward to working with industry as well as government and regulatory stakeholders, to bring these uses into reality.” 

Andrew Daly, Principal Consultant at Analysys Mason, said: 

“Advanced connectivity networks have huge potential to support new use cases, applications and functions that can bring economic social and sustainability benefits to many aspects of everyday lives in the UK. Take-up on these networks is critical to realising these benefits, and greater information for end-users, along with targeted actions for specific industry verticals, are key next steps.” 

The report is available here: