Queen’s Speech 2021

Queen’s Speech 2021

31 Bills were included in the Queen’s speech, including the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill, the Telecoms Security Bill, the Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) Bill, the Online Safety Bill, and the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill.

  • The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill aims to improve connectivity and help accelerate the rollout of gigabit-capable broadband and 5G across the whole of the UK, and reforms to the Electronic Communications Code. The bill will also ensure that smart consumer products, such as smartphones, are more secure against cyber attacks.
  • The Online Safety Bill aims to regulate user-generated content while ensuring that users’ rights such as freedom of expression, are protected. It will also designate Ofcom as the independent online safety regulator.
  • The Telecoms Security Bill is a carry-over, as is the ARIA Bill. The former gives the government new powers to boost the security standards of the UK’s telecoms networks and ARIA will be the new statutory corporation to fund high risk-high reward research and development.
  • The Skills and Post-16 Education Bill aims to create a Lifetime Skills Guarantee.

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