Telecoms Diversification Taskforce – final report

Telecoms Diversification Taskforce – final report

The Telecoms Diversification Taskforce, set up last year to support the development and implementation of the government’s strategy on the UK’s telecoms supply chain, has published its report.

The report will support the government in its delivery of the £250 million Diversification Strategy and recommends:

  • Working through telecoms standards-setting bodies to encourage best practice in security and open networks;
  • Creating the right environment for diversification through policy interventions – for example, setting out a timetable for the winding down of 2G and 3G networks to support the entry of new vendors into the UK market;
  • Identifying interventions and investment to accelerate the development and adoption of Open Radio Access Network technology, including setting up a fund for developing new products and ensuring testing facilities such as the UK Telecoms Lab and SONIC meet industry needs;
  • Identifying opportunities to invest in long-term research and innovation to build UK capability for current and future generations of telecoms technology.

The government will study the findings and is expected to respond in due course.

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