UK Gigabit Programme: Cumbria Public Review

UK Gigabit Programme: Cumbria Public Review

As part of the UK Gigabit Programme, BDUK has issued a request for information on a new procurement to extend coverage of gigabit-capable broadband across Cumbria. Last November BDUK conducted an Open Market Review (OMR) which requested information from suppliers regarding details and supporting evidence of any current or planned investment over the next three years in broadband infrastructure in the county. The OMR indicated that planned commercial coverage for gigabit-capable broadband will reach approximately 141,034 premises within the next three years, and will leave the remaining 143,864 premises without access to gigabit-capable broadband.


BDUK is seeking to validate the mapping through a Public Review process to ensure that it correctly represents the information provided by suppliers in the course of the OMR and ensure that the right areas are targeted for government investment. BDUK is asking all stakeholders including the public, businesses, ISPs and broadband infrastructure operators, to respond by 09 March 2021. Once concluded, the review will confirm the premises to be included in procurements.


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