Ofcom’s proposed workplan 2021/22

Ofcom’s proposed workplan 2021/22

Ofcom is consulting on its draft 2021/22 Plan of Work which sets out its proposed strategic priorities and includes the following:

  • Investment in strong, secure networks

Supporting ongoing investment in faster broadband and better-quality mobile networks and working with industry to ensure they are safe, secure and resilient.

  • Getting everyone connected

Working to ensure people and businesses can access key communications services – including in the hardest to reach locations. It includes monitoring the delivery of the universal broadband service and the Shared Rural Network. 

  • Fairness for customers

Continuing to ensure broadband, phone and TV customers – particularly the vulnerable – can shop around with confidence, switch easily and are treated fairly.

  • Supporting and developing UK broadcasting

Supporting the media sector, including public service broadcasting, and helping them to meet the changing needs of viewers and listeners.

  • Preparing to regulate online harms

Completing the introduction of the new regime regulating UK-established video-sharing platforms. Government has also stated that it is minded to appoint Ofcom as the regulator.

The consultation period closes on 05 February 2021.