Ofcom publishes interim update for Connected Nations 2019

Ofcom Connected Nations Interim Update

Ofcom publishes interim update for Connected Nations 2019

Ofcom has published an interim update which is based on coverage and service availability information from providers as of May 2019. The last full report was published in December 2018.

Key findings:

  • More than 28m properties able to access superfast broadband (speeds of 30Mbit/s and above).
  • 95% of UK premises have access to superfast connections, with actual number of properties covered on the rise.
  • Ultrafast broadband availability (>300Mbit/s) is stable, but rate of growth is slightly higher, with coverage increasing from 53% to 54%.
  • Full-fibre broadband availability increased from 7% to 8%, with just under 2.5m properties covered.
  • 2% of properties without access to a decent broadband connection (at least 10Mbit/s), based on current fixed network coverage.
  • Mobile coverage across all nations (by both premises and landmass) remains unchanged from spring update as providers approach the end of the current round of roll out.

The next full annual report will be published in December 2019 and will contain more detailed data, including mobile and broadband coverage information, fixed wireless options, data on mobile companies’ initial roll-out of 5G, network performance, capabilities and resilience.