Broadband and mobile coverage sees continued improvements

Broadband and mobile coverage sees continued improvements

Ofcom today published revised figures on broadband and mobile network coverage across the UK updating the Connected Nations report to include data from May this year. The figures show steady increases in the availability of both fixed and mobile services, with the number of premises unable to get decent broadband now under 3%. The Government’s Universal Service Obligation, the details of which Ofcom is currently finalising, will target these properties.

Availability of superfast (30Mbit/s) and ultrafast (300Mbit/s) connections has increased and full-fibre broadband coverage now reaches around 5% of total premises:

The next Connected Nations report, due out in December, will encompass a greater range of companies providing network coverage – including smaller full-fibre networks and those offering Fixed Wireless Access solutions so as to provide a more accurate picture of broadband coverage across the UK.

For mobile (notwithstanding concerns over the accuracy of historic information provided by both Vodafone and EE for which Ofcom has decided to formally investigate), despite general improvements in outdoor mobile coverage, a quarter of the UK’s geographic area remains without coverage from all operators. Indoor premises and A and B road coverage have equally seen improvements for both voice and 4G services for all operators, yet coverage varies across operators and across the nations – a situation that Ofcom is keen to see resolved and is considering introducing coverage obligations.

The full Connected Nations Report 2018 will be published in December, and based on data collected in September.