BDUK Superfast rollout continues to deliver

BDUK Superfast rollout continues to deliver

The latest Broadband Performance Indicator update released by the Government shows that superfast broadband has been made available to over 4.5 million premises thanks to the BDUK programme.

The BDUK programme is a publicly funded project (£1.7bn) designed to complement private sector investment in the deployment of superfast broadband (24Mbit/s), with the aim to reach over 95% of UK premises by the end of 2017.

The latest update shows that over 120,000 premises had superfast broadband made available to them from March to June 2017. The last updates have showed a slowing in the number of homes passed. This demonstrates the fact that the programme is increasingly targeting areas which are either more complex from an engineering viewpoint or in sparsely populated areas – or a combination of both.

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