Broadband DIY gets a tutorial

Broadband DIY gets a tutorial

It’s fair to say that the UK’s experience of community led broadband schemes has not been evenly distributed. The work of B4RN and others is nothing sort of transformational but there have been other examples of networks collapsing under financial strain or more often simply never getting off the ground. Their reputation was further tarnished by the unsuccessful Rural Community Broadband Fund. One of the complaints from communities was that there were few easily accessible case studies and tutorials. BDUK have now rectified this with a good portal containing case studies and guidance.

This is to be commended.

The overarching guidance document flags alternatives to pursuing a community-led scheme naming companies that have been known to re-address their deployment in light of demand aggregation and how schemes can ‘buy into’ a commercial or publicly funded rollout. The specific guidance note is equally good, going through the setting-up of a local community group, to technology solutions through to companies that can help deliver both technical and commercial advice.

The case-studies help ground this in reality and include a mix of technologies and business cases;

BDDUK Guidance for Community Funds

Hopefully BDUK will be able to update this document to ensure that it remains relevant – and as importantly others will help ensure that the message gets out to communities considering this option!