Doteveryone to absorb Go ON UK

Doteveryone to absorb Go ON UK

Doteveryone has announced today that they will be absorbing Go ON UK.

Go ON UK work to promote awareness and adoption of digital skills in the UK, and have, for the past 3 years, supported thousands of local organisations on bringing digital skills to their communities. Their success was also evidenced in last year’s Lloyds Business Digital Index which found that digital maturity had risen considerably in the North East – an endorsement of Go ON’s concentrated regional activity.

Doteveryone is a newer organisation, established last year by Martha Lane Fox who also establish Go On UK, with an approach based in reimagining services through prototyping digital solutions to targeted social challenges.

Doteveryone will continue its work in the following three areas, using this merger to expand their scope within them:

  1. Digital Skills – Taking Go ON UK’s expertise further, to bring digital skills to a host of different people from all walks of life across the UK
  2. Prototyping – Making tangible solutions to social challenges, currently focusing on end of life care
  3. 5050tech – Working to correct the gender imbalance in Britain’s tech sector within the next ten years

The full press release can be found here.