First London connectivity rating scheme launched this week

First London connectivity rating scheme launched this week

In partnership with the Mayor of London, WiredScore launched yesterday the Connectivity Rating Scheme, designed to award commercial office buildings with a certification matching their connectivity capabilities. 4 awards can be attributed to the building, from meeting minimum standards (Certified), to meeting the needs of most commercial tenants (Silver), providing diverse internet connectivity (Gold) and providing best-class connectivity (Platinum).

A number of key buildings across London have already been awarded a certification. A search function is available on the website

A set of parameters that the BSG contributed to reviewing in the past few months are used as part of the assessment process which is commissioned by the landlord. These include an assessment of the number and quality of internet service providers, the bandwidth capabilities, and the reliability of connections based on the building’s infrastructure.

Matthew Evans, BSG CEO said “We are fully supportive of this scheme and think that it will be a key driver in helping commercial property owners understand, improve and promote the digital connectivity of their buildings. This will allow tenants to find and select the right level of connectivity for their needs which should drive greater interaction between telecoms operators and landlords. We will continue to assist WiredScore as the scheme evolves and hopefully expands. “

WiredScore originally launched in 2013, in partnership with the Bloomberg Administration in New York City and certifies the connectivity of commercial office buildings across the United States. They have certified over 300 building (75% in New York City) with data on an additional 400 buildings. WiredScore were selected by the Greater London Authority earlier this year to develop a similar scheme for London.