BSG CEO on expert panel for Broadband Genie and PC Advisor Home Broadband Survey 2014

BSG CEO on expert panel for Broadband Genie and PC Advisor Home Broadband Survey 2014

Our CEO Pamela Learmonth was amongst a number of industry experts for the Broadband Genie and PC Advisor Home Broadband Survey 2014.

On Monday, Plusnet, Virgin Media, Sky and Gigaclear were announced as the winners of the 2014 Home Broadband Survey, an examination of the state of UK broadband carried out by comparison site and technology magazine

Plusnet was awarded Best Broadband Provider, garnering excellent poll results: 77% of its customers were happy with its customer service, while 81% would recommend the ISP. Plusnet was also voted Best Budget Provider by the judging panel.

Virgin Media was awarded Fastest Broadband Provider, based on more than 8,000 speed tests carried out at Broadband Genie during 2013, while Sky was voted Best Bundle Provider.

The survey also acknowledged the work of a number of smaller providers. Gigaclear received the judge’s vote for most innovative ISP for its work bringing ultrafast connectivity to communities poorly served by the traditional phone network.

PC Advisor’s Matt Egan said: “Comprising the views of more than 10,000 UK broadband consumers and a panel of industry experts, the PC Advisor and Broadband Genie Broadband Survey gives the most accurate picture yet of Broadband Britain in 2014. UK consumers are enjoying better value and performance than we’ve seen before as speeds increase and prices drop. We were pleased to see that satisfaction levels continue to rise, although there is clearly still work to be done.???

“Our survey revealed some encouraging results, with many ISPs receiving high ratings for important areas such as customer service and technical support???, said Broadband Genie Editor Matt Powell. “Improvements are still required, though, and there needs to be more focus on expanding broadband infrastructure in remote parts of the country, something that was identified in our polling as being particularly vital in 2014.???

All queries and interview requests regarding the survey should be directed to Matt Powell at Broadband Genie: [email protected]