Business leaders anticipate benefits from faster broadband speeds

Business leaders anticipate benefits from faster broadband speeds

In the latest instalment of The Institute of Directors’ Infrastructure for Business surveys looks at views on fixed-line and mobile internet services for over 1,100 businesses. Survey questions mainly look at speed satisfaction rates, and there are a number of useful insights into the growing digital divide between urban and rural areas.

Key findings include 57% satisfaction with fixed-line download speeds, and 50% with fixed-line upload speeds. 25% are satisfied with mobile internet download speeds, compared to 45% who are dissatisfied. However, satisfaction rates are significantly lower for their members who conduct business in rural areas, with 34% of members in rural areas are satisfied with the speed of their fixed-line downloads, while 45% are dissatisfied. Just one in 5 were satisfied with the reliability of their mobile internet service, compared to 46% who are dissatisfied

The polling considers economic benefits brought by faster internet connections, with 83% believing faster speeds would increase productivity (with the number jumping to 88% for rural-only businesses).

Increased productivity is an issue which is here to stay for 2013. The Broadband Stakeholder Group is commencing its programme of work into usage and exploitivity to look much closer at these business benefits, and also the broader socio-economic rewards. Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss this work further with us – I’m on [email protected]

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