BSG launches new research

BSG launches new research

We’ve been absent from the blog for a few weeks as we’ve been finalising two new pieces of research that we believe moves the debate around next generation broadband in the UK forward, and putting on our 2008 Conference ‘Beyond Pipe Dreams?’. It’s been a busy time, but now that’s past we have a lot of issues to discuss.

First of all, the conference itself produced a lively and informed debate, with representatives from a wide variety of sectors and a range of speakers including Francesco Caio, head of the governemnt’s review of broadband.

The first of the two reports that we launched at the conference was ‘A Framework for Evaluating the Value of Next Generation Broadband’. This report examines the incremental economic and social value of next generation broadband over current broadband provision in the UK.

The second report was ‘Models for efficient and effective public sector intervention in next generation broadband access networks’. This report studies next generation broadband interventions across the world, and first generation interventions in the UK, to determine good practice for interventions in the UK.

These reports contain a lot of issues, which we will discuss in more detail in future blogs. For now, I can strongly recommend both reports if you are interested in the future of broadband in the UK.

A Framework for Evaluating the Value of Next Generation Broadband

Models for efficient and effective public-sector interventions in next-generation broadband access networks

by Peter Shearman, Policy Manager, BSG