Two broadband reports commissioned by the DTI

Two broadband reports commissioned by the DTI

Sophisticated broadband services – 28 November 2005

This document is the second report of the study commissioned to Analysys by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to examine the market for sophisticated broadband services across the G7,1 Australia, Ireland, South Korea and Sweden. This report summarises Analysys’s findings on the performance of these countries regarding both the availability (coverage) and usage of sophisticated broadband services. The availability (coverage) data is estimated at the end of the third quarter of 2005; the usage data is estimated mid-2005.

The coverage findings are based on a combined survey and desk research approach for fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure operators identified across the 11 countries under study. Coverage results are provided for downstream, upstream and mobile technologies.

The next iteration of this study will be published in April 2006.

Sophisticated broadband services report, 12 May 2006

Sophisticated broadband services report, 28 November 2005


UK Broadband Status Report – January 2006
Covering the period April 2005 – September 2005

Ovum has been commissioned by the DTI to provide a series of reports on the current state of the UK broadband market and its likely development over the next ten years. This report forms the main six monthly update on broadband coverage and take-up up to the end of September 2005. An interim quarterly report that focused on coverage developments was last produced for the quarter ending June 2005. The findings and analysis contained in the report are based on information provided by the major broadband infrastructure providers and additional research, analysis and forecasting carried out by Ovum, building on its comprehensive and continuous research programme.

Chapter 2 contains a summary of recent developments in the broadband market, focusing on the activities of key players.

Chapter 3 provides an analysis of the current state of broadband coverage in the UK, based on data provided by infrastructure players including BT, ntl, Telewest, Kingston, Pipex and UK Broadband.

Chapter 4 contains a summary of the current levels of broadband take-up and provides forecasts of future take-up by technology.

Chapter 5 summarises the key competition issues, building on recent developments outlined in Chapter 2.

Annex A contains a summary of the major current broadband technologies.