DTI: Wireless Telegraphy Bill – August 2004

DTI: Wireless Telegraphy Bill – August 2004

This consultation seeks views on a Bill to consolidate the existing legislation on “Wireless Telegraphy”.

There are currently six Acts relating to this subject including the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949. Replacing the existing legislation with a single Act will make the legislation much easier for all users of radio spectrum to understand and use. Some legal inconsistencies and problems have been removed from the legislation and the text of the Bill written so that it is easier to understand. A main object of the consolidation Bill is to reproduce the same legal effect as the current legislation. Thus no policy changes to the current legislation have been made.

Specific questions on the Bill are raised in the consultation and general views on the Bill are sought.

Consultation Documents :

Wirelessbillconsultation.doc – Wireless Telegraphy Bill Consultation document

Wirelessbilldraft.pdf – Draft Wireless Telegraphy Bill

Wirelesspre-con.doc – Pre-Consolidation Amendments Order